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  • 93 Millport Ave trending_up

    New Canaan, CT, US

    Eagle Scout Murders Four in Family - NEW CANAAN, Conn. (UPI) John Rice Jr., 18. was to be promoted to Eagle Scout Friday night, but the ceremony was not held. Nobody could find him. Friends said John was quiet, inquisitive, conscientious an outdoors and gun enthusiast and a good student at New Canaan High School. Lt. Walter Foley of the state police barracks at West port said John "is very dangerous." A nationwide alert has been issued for young Rice who has been missing since his mother, siste…

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  • 5663 E. Circle Drive Park trending_up

    Fresno, CA, US

    Dale, Glee and Tiffany Ewell were murdered on Sunday, April 19, 1992 in their home near Fresno.At the time of the murders, Ewell lived at the family home but was away with his girlfriend for the Easter weekend.The bodies were discovered two days after the murders, when Ewell notified family friends in Sunnyside that he was unable to contact his parents.

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  • 2 Roseangle trending_up

    Dundee, Scotland, GB

    Clergyman murdered: In 1980 the house was home to an elderly doctor and his wife. One terrible day a man named Henry John Gallagher happened on the house. Gallagher had a history of attacking clergymen, and presumed that the poor doctor was a priest, most likely because it was close to the local church. Gallagher broke into the house and bludgeoned the doctor and his wife to death with a hammer. The murderer, unfortunately, was never tried for the crime and went on to murder a priest and his ho…

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  • 1993 W. Nottingham St trending_up

    Springfield, MO, US

    The brutal, unsolved murder of Cheryl Feeney and her two children. There were reports of cryptic messages on the walls written in beige paint. Jon Feeney, the husband, a former science teacher, was charged with the murder, but was ultimately acquitted. Four women testified they had had affairs with Mr. Feeney, and evidence indicated that he stood to gain $500,000 in life insurance and other property from the death of his wife and children, however, the lack of physical evidence led to a "not gu…

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  • 3706 Millbridge Dr trending_up

    Houston, TX, US

    Quadruple murder of teens in the living room of this home: Four teens gunned down while relaxing in the living room of 3706 Millbridge Drive. Victims were Marcus Purcell, Delbert Sanchez, Tiffany Powell and Rachel Koloroutis. It is believed that Sanchez and Purcell were drug dealers, and the incident was connected. 21 shots fired, 19 struck the victims. Koloroutis was shot but not dead, she reached for her phone to call 911 and she was pistol whipped until she died. A few years later, one of t…

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  • 216 E. Bradley Ave trending_up

    Milwaukee, WI, US

    Schizophrenic mum kill son: MILWAUKEE -- Elise Ledvina, who had stopped taking her anti-psych medication, tonight stands accused of brutally beating her two sons with a 33-in. baseball bat, snuffing one and critically maiming the other. 8-year-old John was declared dead of multiple skull frac- tures at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. 9-year-old Joseph was in critical condition at press time. Police say the father, who was outside repairing a bicycle, heard a strange, steady "thumping no…

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  • 567 Van Wagner Rd trending_up

    Poughkeepsie, NY, US

    Brian Britton murdered 3 members of his family and attempted to kill his sister.

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  • 1810 Cedar St trending_up

    Durham, NC, US

    American novelist Michael Peterson, who was featured on the true crime documentary titled The Staircase (released with new episodes by Netflix in 2018), lived at 1810 Cedar Street in Durham, North Carolina together with his wife Kathleen Peterson starting in 1992. This is the house where Michael Peterson claimed to have found his wife dead at the bottom of the staircase on December 9, 2001. Although Michael Peterson was the one who called 911 to report the incident, Peterson was accused of bein…

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    108 Ryde Rd trending_up

    Pymble, NSW, AU

    Four girls killed by shotgun wounds to the head: On Friday night the house at number 108 was the scene of the brutal murder of four girls, one of whom merely answered a knock unaware that death awaited on the other side of the front door. The murder of Lexie Mac-Gregor, 16, her twin sisters Kirsty and Jennifer, 19, and friend Lisa Chatterton, 19, occurred between 9.30 pm and 9.40 pm. Each was shot in the head by a 12-gauge shotgun. Richard Henry Lawson Maddrell, 27, unemployed, was arrested at …

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  • 5720 Décarie Blvd trending_up

    Montreal, QC, CA

    Jun Lin, 33, was stabbed to death and dismembered in Apt. 208. His torso was discovered in a suitcase just outside the building. Luka Magnotta was charged with the murder.

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  • 7632 Martin Rd trending_up

    Bradford, OH, US

    Murder in the family: Jack and Linda Myers, ages 51 and 55, respectively, were shot with a shotgun at point-blank range while they slept at their Martin Road home near Bradford, Ohio. The next morning, a 4-year-old great grandson who lived with them walked a mile to a church and daycare center where he reported the Myers “were melting” and asked for help. Gregg Myers, 25, of Piqua, Ohio, was accused of killing his father and stepmother. He was convicted in 2004 of two counts of aggravated mur…

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  • 2316 W. 1st Ave trending_up

    Spokane, WA, US

    Campbell House is one of Washington’s most well-known historical landmarks. It was designed and built by Kirtland K Cutter in 1898 and was first owned by Amasa Basaliel Campbell. There is a very sad history attached to the house. In the early 1900s, 3 of the Campbell children were murdered by a burglar who also kidnapped the fourth child. The child was never returned. With such a tragic past it is hardly surprising that the Campbell House is one of the most haunted houses in the state of Washin…

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  • 2825 Saratoga Trl trending_up

    Erie, CO, US

    Home of Christopher Watts, who murdered his wife, Shan'ann, and his two daughters, Bella, 4, and Celeste, 3. Shan'ann was also pregnant at the time. Initially, Watts confessed that he strangled his wife, after she had smothered their daughters, but later plead guilty to murdering all three. Watts was having an affair and planned on leaving his wife, and told her so on the morning of August 13th, 2018. During the ensuing argument, Watts strangled his wife in the bedroom. He then took his daughte…

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  • 211 Airdrie Rd trending_up

    Toronto, ON, CA

    Woman murdered, body hidden under bed: Lisa Lebitka, 45, was brutally strangled and smothered to death by her boyfriend, Paul Hindle, 48. Her decomposed body was found under her child's bed.

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  • 15425 Bannister Rd S.E. trending_up

    Calgary, AB, CA

    Devin Venables had recently graduated from high school and was still deciding the next steps he was going to take in life. He was out for a night at the pub with friends on Nov. 4, 2002 when he ran into an acquaintance, Devon Heil, who was angry over the recent theft of $300 from his home and thought Venables was involved. Heil followed Venables out of the bar and punched him in the head. The blow ruptured an artery and caused a fatal brain hemorrhage that killed Venables the next day. A jury c…

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  • 32 Carrick Ave trending_up

    Hamilton, ON, CA

    Mummified baby found in attic. Was home to convicted murderer, Evelyn Dick. During her trial for the murder of her husband, John Dick, the mummified remains of a baby boy were found in the attic of this home. Evelyn Dick (Murderer) lived here. Evelyn Dick is my great aunt, This was her residents when married. I lived at 20 Carrick, and I knew the lady who lived across the street from 32 Carrick. They tore down their ole dilapidated garage and redid the whole back yard. They showed me a bone th…

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  • 6916 Shalimar Way trending_up

    DeWitt, NY, US

    Dr. Robert Neulander found guilty of killing his wife and tampering with evidence: Syracuse, NY - Dr. Robert Neulander has just been found guilty in the 2012 death of his wife. A jury of six men and six women found Neulander guilty in the Sept. 17, 2012 death of his wife, Leslie, 61, in their DeWitt home. The jury deliberated for 18 hours over four days. Dr. Neulander faces 25 years to life in prison. His sentence will be decided by County Court Judge Thomas J. Miller. He was accused o…

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  • 3 St. Leonards Ave trending_up

    Toronto, ON, CA

    Dangerous offender on trial for murder of Ont. couple: Canadian Press Toronto David Alexander Snow has been committed to trial to face first-degree murder charges in the slaying of a Toronto couple. Snow, a former resident of Orangeville, Ont., is charged with the murder of Ian and Nancy Blackburn at their farm northwest of Toronto in April 1992. Ian Blackburn, 54, a real estate agent, was asphyxiated while his wife, Nancy, 49, a public health nurse, was strangled, autopsies showed. Snow was re…

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  • 2726 Carmel Rd trending_up

    Charlotte, NC, US

    Husband bludgeoned wife with baseball bat: Fran Hayes 49 11/07/1994 beaten with a baseball bat (John Francis Hayes- husband)

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  • 8306 Jasper Ave trending_up

    Edmonton, AB, CA

    Slain woman identified by police Ward, 27, was found on Saturday by the manager of an apartment building at 8306 Jasper Avenue. An autopsy found she died of a stab wound. Police have charged the occupant of the apartment, 27-year-old Joshua James Houle, with second-degree murder. The body was discovered when a caretaker, Luis Alvarado, got a call about a small leak coming from the roof of a first floor storage unit below suite 205. Checking with the suite owner, he was told Houle, the tenant of…

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  • 1185 Alexander Ave trending_up

    Winnipeg, MB, CA

    Woman found murdered: Christopher Mackenzie Campbell, 42, was charged with second-degree murder, after a female relative was found dead.

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  • 95 Elliott Row trending_up

    Saint John, NB, CA

    Sheehan found guilty of second-degree murder in stabbing death Sheehan, 41, had been drinking at Dean's apartment in the south end of the port city on Dec.

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  • 66 Lawrence St trending_up

    Caspian, MI, US

    New Docuseries Reveals Shocking Details in Indiana Murder But a new docuseries chronicling the investigation into the case suggests her crimes were far more grisly than anyone anticipated. The horrific true story began with a missing persons case in 2014. She was sentenced to life in prison. Cochran told the court she thought that was only a joke—but according to prosecutors, it wasn’t. Still, in a new docuseries by Investigation Discovery, "Dead North," neighbors reveal they believe they were …

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  • 803 N. Edgemoor St trending_up

    Wichita, KS, US

    Police found four bodies inside the one-story wood-frame home: Joseph Otero, 38; Julie Otero, 34; Josephine Otero, 11; and Joseph Otero Jr., 9. Each was strangled with the type of cord used in venetian blinds. When police arrived at the little house on Edgemoor, they found three of the Oteros in bedrooms. Josephine was hanging from a sewer pipe in the basement wearing only socks and a sweater. The serial killer known as 'BTK' would later take credit for these murders in one of his letters to th…

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  • 5979 St. George St trending_up

    Vancouver, BC, CA

    Arson resulting in homicide: Alexander James Conto, 48, and Nicholas Leonard Cortner, 50, died in fire at home.

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