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United States Realtor in a state that doesn't require crime, drug, and death disclosures. Every client needs full information to make a fully informed decision.

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  • 20018 Cypresswood Spgs trending_up

    Spring, TX, US

    Hector Moquete attacked his estranged wife, Lillian Moquete, with a machete, lacerating her neck, arms and hands in their home the evening of April 14, 2006. The attack came weeks after the couple filed for divorce and after questions of marital infidelity. His intentions were stated to be to kill his estranged wife and their young son before committing suicide via police. Shortly before the attack, Moquete drank two 16-ounce beers, took 27 prescription pills for anxiety, and 15 prescription pi…

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  • 6300 Proctor Ave

    Kalamazoo, MI, US

    Christopher Neal, 22, was shot and killed by William Paul Jones, 35, who broke into this homen the midst of a mental health crisis. Neal was shot and killed in a standoff with police, while 3 officers were wounded.

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  • 47 Agatha Dr

    Edison, NJ, US

    In October of 2006, neighbors were startled to hear of the murder-suicide that occurred on Agatha Drive. Jaime Malimban stabbed his wife Elenita Malimban to death with a swiss army knife before hanging himself in the garage. The couple was discovered by Jaime's cousin. Neighbors of nearly 20 years stated the couple were very nice and helpful in the community and no motive was ever discovered.

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  • 308 W. Wheaton Ave

    Clare, MI, US

    In 2018, Daniel Kruskamp was stabbed to death in the residence by partner Michelle McQuay. McQuay received 22.5-50yrs in prison.

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  • 6686 Westridge

    Washington, MI, US

    This was the home of Stephen and Tara Grant. In 2007, Stephen strangled Tara to death and dismembered her before posing to police and media about a potential abduction. After a detective discovered part of Tara's remains in a garage tupperware and details of Stephen's story became muddled, he could no longer keep up his story and admitted to her murder. The home has since been sold but subsequent attempts to sell the home again have not been successful.

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  • 8038 Pasadena Ave

    Ferndale, MI, US

    Five children die in house fire. Place of the home is now a vacant lot. The homeowner owed a debt of $200 to a drug dealer. The dealer set the front porch on fire to "send a message", but the accelerant used made the fire quickly spread to the rest of the house. Five children from ages 6-11 were killed as a result of smoke inhalation and thermal injury. Juwan Deering was convicted for the house fire that caused the deaths of Taleigha Dean, 10; Craig Dean, 8; Aaron Dean, 7; Eugene Dean, who cele…

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  • 703 W. Tyrrell Rd

    Morrice, MI, US

    At least two men were drugged and held captive in this home before escaping in 2019. Over Christmas of 2019, at least one victim lost his life in this home in a manner involving torture, murder, dismemberment, and cannibalism. The killer was arrested and has either stood trial or will stand trial. The property since has been sold at auction. Kevin Bacon, 25, was reported missing Christmas Day after he didn't come home for a family breakfast. His roommate said Bacon went to meet a man on Chris…

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