What Happened at 10 Bluenose Avenue?

PleasantvilleNova ScotiaCanada

  • 1970-2015

    Years are an estimate. This was my grandparents house for many years. My great-grandmother also lived there with them for quite a few years. I stayed during the school year months as well for about two and half years. I believe they bought it, fairly new, in the 1970's. I'm not sure what was on the property beforehand, if anything. The house has always been haunted. Apparitions of both my grandfather's mother and a soldier had been seen in the house—mainly the upstairs hallway. It was uncomfortable in a "being watched" sense but not malevolent. My great-grandmother used to report smelling her deceased husband's pipe as well, which I've also experienced. My grandfather passed away on the property in 2006 (of a heartattack, in the driveway), and there was a noticeable uptick in activity. However, after a few years my great-grandmother also passed (not in the home, in a nursing home she'd be in for a short time) and my grandmother decided to sell the house (I can't remember what year exactly but it's been a few years now for sure). After she came to this decision, the energy in the home noticeably shifted. Definitely something much heavier/darker. Lights would come on by themselves overnight (no wiring issues, we checked) and on one occasion I saw a very tall shadow figure from outside in the upstairs bedroom window facing the driveway. It appeared to be blocking out most of the light in the doorway—so at least 6 feet. While it could certainly have been my grandfather, who was a very large man, it still scared the heck out of me! I promptly left and never visited outside of daytime hours again. As a final side note, they had three children, all of whom had some level of paranormal experience there, but especially their son (my uncle)—the youngest of the three children.


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