What Happened at 14 Magnolia Street?

BostonMassachusettsUnited States

  • 1978

    Moved here when i was in Kindergarten and moved out during the second grade. My time here was treacherous especially because I was just a child. This was a foster home for me and it turned out to be like HELL!! From loud footsteps coming up the steps, to sounds of a knife scraping the banister that led to my bedroom, to sounds of a man making silly noise as he came up the stairs then towards my room. Every night my sister and I would cry ourselves to sleep because no one believed what we were hearing EVERY night. One night it sounded like someone was downstairs wrestling and throwing furniture around. My sister and I was scared and only left the room when we heard everyone else talking in the hallway. We opened the door and asked our foster mother what was going on. She only stated that the devil only messes with those that are close to the LORD.. After a while the noise stopped and three of the boys (two of her own sons and her nephew that lived there too)went downstairs to inspect. They called up and she went straight down not paying attention to us. So, after a few minutes we snuck downstairs to see what was going on. The furniture i the living room was all stacked on top of the little coffee table and in the kitchen, everything was stacked on top of either the washing machine or the deep freezer. We asked again, who would come in and do this? She only repeated herself and told us to go back to bed while they cleaned up. Now, when we were reunited with our family is when I began to notice things when I was awake. Like a demon coming in my bedroom, panting in my face, which i had hiding under the covers ever since i saw it come up the stairs, it then walk up the ladder of my our bunk bed to my sister, saying NAME!! When I told my step father, he told me that demons only came to bad children, which told me that he didn't believe me because I was on the honor roll and in gifted and talented, lol. Either way, after getting older and finding my foster brothers and asking them about this. One told me that my foster mother was in to some things before finding the LORD and another told me that she befriended masons and eastern stars when she was younger and also mentioned that a female was possibly murdered there right before they moved in. He stated that when touring the apt for the first time, he saw a chalk outline in the closet and his mother told him to GET OUT of that room. THERE IS SOMETHING THERE


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