What Happened at 1405 North 69th East Avenue?

TulsaOklahomaUnited States

  • 2001-2002

    My mother rented this small ranch styled home out back in 2001. The house is very old, and in fact, it had been abandoned before our landlord bought it and rented it out. The house was so small, we often referred to it as the "hut." Idk the details as I was only eleven years old when we moved in but apparently the house was abaondoned for eight years after an old woman who previously owned the house had died in it. He never told us how she died but all he told us was she died and that was it. When we first moved in, I didn't get a good feeling. It felt as if someone was watching me through the window from the inside. I felt that way everytime we pulled up whenever we were home for the night and fixing to come inside. Even when I was outside playing in the yard, or I was hanging out with my new friends that lived next door, it felt like someone was again watching me from the inside of the house and I knew it wasn't my mother or my older brother as they both hid in their rooms, while my younger brother played outside with me. One day, I was exploring the yard and I found two cement slabs on the grass just randomly hidden throughout the yard. The name SHERRY and the date 1969 was obviously written out on the slab while it was still fresh cement. And if I remember correctly, there was another slab that read, FRANK WAS HERE and I believe that was dated for 1969. I thought it was pretty cool and frightening at the same time as I knew there was something in that house and perhaps Sherry was her name? Spring break rolls by and these two boys that attended Hamilton middle school were walking by the house and being nosy spectators. I guess they were shocked that someone had moved in and they started talking to me about the house. I don't know how true this is because boys will be boys but apparently they found a way to get inside when it was abandoned and allegedly it was once a two story home vand half of it was torn down and condensed to a one story. They apparently got into the attic where there was old furniture and they knew about Sherry and frank because apparently on one of the walls of the attic, there was a carving or something that was written with ink that read "Sherry ans Frank best friends forever." Again I don't know the credibility behind what these young men were telling me because I was too scared personally to go up in the attic myself. The new friends I made next door, their mother told me she always felt freaked out by the house and she also confirmed that Sherry ans Frank were best friends while Sherry lived in my house, ans Frank had lived in hers. I still don't know the history behind Sherry and frank and I would desperately love to find out and know. But for years within that house, there lies a mysterious story of friendship and possibly love that I would like to know. Also, within the house, Sherry, if that's who she was, would steal things and they would show up in the most unusual places. Sherry also frequently turned on the bathroom sink and would turn it off every time I ran in there to see what was going on. My mother even swears up and down that she would feel someone sitting at the foot of her bed every night, which is why she always kept her tv on and to this day, she will sleep with her door open.... If you happen to know anything about this house, please let me know because the mystery has been killing me for the last 18 years...


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