What Happened at 151 Chapel Street?


  • 2003-2015

    Years are approximate. I lived in this house from when I was in grade 3 to grade 9. Almost every family member has had their own experience in the house, but we never talked about them until after we moved out. My mom later said that she never mentioned anything because she didn't want to scare my brother and me. For me the house always felt kind of creepy, especially the upstairs. Although a lot of the feelings were probably from the usual kid fears of the dark/closets/under the bed etc. My brother and I had rooms that were next to each other, we would yell good night to each other through the walls. On this particular night, not only did I hear my brother wish me a good night but I also heard a distinctly male voice say "good night" right next to me. I wasn't scared in that moment, more confused than anything. The family cat was lying in bed with me, he seemed alert but not scared as well. My little kid brain was trying to make sense of the voice, so there was a moment where I thought "holy heck my cat can talk!" But that thought quickly changed. After we moved, my mom told me a story where she woke up at night to see a man standing in her bedroom door. She needs glasses to see clearly so she just assumed the figure was my dad checking in on her. The next morning when she asked my dad about it, he told her that he had stayed downstairs all night. The TV's would occasionally change stations or turn on and off, my mom and dad found this to be more annoying than scary after a while. Telling the spirit to please stop playing with the tv, sure enough it did. I don't think what is in the house has any Ill intentions at all. I never felt scared for my wellbeing. To this day when I dream of haunted houses, the setting is always at this house.


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