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    Grew up in this home for over a decade. To start off the home was built without much love or care from the start, way back in 1959. The interstate that passed by the area cut out a bunch of peoples houses and so to recompensate the government lashed out a fast project to get a bunch of people relocated into homes as quick as possible and obviously they didn't care about their craft during the entire process, seeing as our front door was a literal closet door when we moved in. From what we know about the place most of the years were spent with people going in and out of this house, renting, and so the home never had a true owner necessarily. Who knows what went on during all those years. Growing up here there was something evil in the house. It threw spoons around, pencils, moved chairs, i saw black shadows multiple times in the home. We brought home a pair of old fashioned dolls once as a decoration and my friend woke up one night to seeing the dolls eyes glowing red demonically. There was one night where one of my family members was being pressed on and nearly choked by this entity but when I managed to wake them up they claimed they had no memory of what was going on. Once I heard a shriek of a little girl in the home when no one was home but me, and the sound wasn't coming from the outside as it echoed in the house. Eventually it got to a point where the energy was just so awful we had to do something. So we called mediums and others to come help cleanse the house and figure out what was going on. Nothing would even grow in the backyard, it was pure dead weeds and dirt and no one had ever bothered to plant grass there, ever. Doors would occasionally open and close. The room where it was the worst was where that family member had that choking incident, where the energy was the strongest and the most horrendous. When we brought mediums over to do an EVP they gave names of some people who had lived in the home, among some other things. As they snooped around in the home we found an entire ritual set under the house, exactly under where that bedroom was. Apparently in the 70s, someone had tried to do a spell on a child, to paralyze them. It did work as we found out through some records that there was a actual paralyzed kid that lived there in the 70s or around that time. The spell was exactly intentional for that, the materials that were there all matched what that would manifest. They had to summon a demon however to make it work which they obviously did and that was what was causing the problem. The creepiest part is that while I can't go into detail too much of what materials were found, one of the things that were down there in that set I actually found outside in the backyard years before when I was digging holes in the ground as a kid, but I never thought much of it and didn't dig further. Who knows what's in that backyard. The main person who finally managed to cleanse the home and kick the demon out successfully did it, but couldn't banish it, and so it harbored in the backyard for a few years until we finally managed to move out. The demon stopped us so many times from selling that home, for years and years we tried to sell it and every time we tried to leave some tragedy would stop us from selling it, whether it was the death of a family member or a family member getting in some freak accident, but that demon just did not want us to leave. It took us nearly 7 to 8 years from the time that we first intended to sell that home to finally get out without interference or tragic things stopping us from having to pull it off the market. A month after we kicked the demon out into our backyard we heard clawing noises right outside the wall, like that of an animal, we looked around but nothing was out there. The thing was desperate to get back in. The energy in the home was so bad, even after the cleansing, to where most of our plants couldn't even grow properly in the home and remained yellow despite us taking good care of them and putting them in good locations, as soon as we moved out all of that changed instantly. Our life projects, goals, everything couldn't go anywhere until we finally moved out of that home. It seemed as if nothing was possible in that house. Once i remember coming home after we had banished the demon supposedly and seeing it in the window as we pulled into the driveway, black shadow with tree branch like horns and a devilish smile looking right at me, sent chills down my spine. I wouldn't call myself a big time Christian or any super religious person specifically, but I will tell you this. You would NEVER deny the existence of the spiritual world or of God if you lived in this house. The years i spent here in torment will forever haunt me. There is another world and its not for humans to try and understand. Leave it alone. I still have dreams occasionally of the Demon from that home, it tries to attack me sometimes in my dreams but usually fails except for once where I dreamt of it torturing me in a Lucid-Dream like kind of way. I've checked and I have no attachment to anything but regardless it knows what it is and it knows what it was summoned into this world to do. It went after me because I was a child at the time it was summoned to hurt children in specific, although other older family members saw things like flashing orbs and shadows as well. The house has a huge cellar underneath it that exists for no purpose, you can't build anything additional down there and its just an empty cold old worn out room that is too small to expand on and big enough to walk through. It used to send a terrible odor that would carry up to the top floor of the home, although I wonder now if that was part of the Demonic influence and not the actual cellar but I'm not sure. When people went down there for anything when we needed repairs it seemed like they were always scared and wanted to get out but we could never understand what they felt entirely or saw as we didn't spend time down there much, after finding that ritual set we figured that out. We did however try to fix up the home as it was in terrible shape when we brought it and we did paint it up, fix a lot of the things in there, and make use of our time in that home, it had a lot of potential if it was loved from the start and didn't have such an evil history and corporate upbringing. The entire area shares a vibe like this as well, most of the neighbors will also tell you their own stories as I've talked to them and they've also seen and dealt with paranormal activity in their home, crows frequently fly around the area in large numbers you won't see anywhere else in the valley, its just a place with generally low to negative energy and doesn't radiate positive foundations in general as it is one of the poorer communities in the Wasatch front with a lot more people who are struggling day by day to make a check. The park that is a few blocks behind that house is also infamous for a girl who was kidnapped in the 1980s, Rachel Runyan, later found dead in the mountains, and was abducted by an unknown person who some suspect to have been living nearby at the time, which doesn't help brighten up the area at all. The man who helped cleanse our home later got sick after helping us out and we tried to reach out to him but we never heard back. This was a guy who had an entire business dedicated to doing what he was doing for us, with social media platforms, a Youtube channel, everything, after he came to our home everything stopped. His website went down, his channel became inactive, his social medias all went down, his phone numbers both personal and business became either deactivated or went straight to voicemail, we don't know what happened to him. For all we know he either went mad, got in some accident or died of an illness, or abandoned practice all together because of what he saw and dealt with in our home. I know other people have had worse experiences but from our families perspective this was pretty harsh. ALWAYS try to do research into the home you buy and make sure to search every area, we should've looked deeper into that cellar from the start when we brought it.


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