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222 Miner Street


Does 222 Miner Street have a dark past?

This listing contains user-submitted reports documenting historically significant events and personal experiences at 222 Miner Street, Malvern, PA, US, including reports of criminal activity, homicides, deaths, famous residents, and alleged paranormal occurrences. If you have more information about this address, let us know.

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Malvern police went to check for Ferguson at his home on Miner Street. When they arrived they spotted a bullet hole in a window and called county detectives. Searching the garage apartment, Detective Gary Lynch spotted other bullet holes in the walls, as well as blood on the floor and a spent .380 cartridge. He discovered Ferguson's lifeless body buried under a bean bag chair and other debris. Searching for Dudas after speaking with Ferguson's grandmother, detectives went to Caroselli's family home, where Dudas lived in a basement room. They spotted Ferguson's Honda outside, and found Dudas and Caroselli in a second-floor bedroom. Dudas has been sentenced to 20 to 40 years after pleading guilty to killing a former friend and hiding his body in a sleeping bag last fall.


Malvern killer gets up to 50 years in prison

A Malvern man has been sentenced to 20 to 40 years after pleading guilty to killing a former friend and hiding his body in a sleeping bag last fall. Merritt Dudas, 24, pleaded guilty Friday in Cheste

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Properties in the Housecreep database that are near 222 Miner Street

Home of Dr. Jay C. Smith, convicted of the famous "Main Line Murders." In June 1979, the body of Philadelphia-area school teacher Susan Reinert was found, bound in chains in the trunk of her car in a Harrisburg-area parking lot. Reinert’s daughter and son, ages 11 and 10, had disappeared, never to be found. The married Reinert’s lover, fellow Upper Merion School District High School teacher William Bradfield, was later convicted of plotting the crime and sentenced to life in prison. Bradfield di… View Listing »
1 report
Haunted by child, perhaps family. - Siblings and I all had same violent imaginary friend, same description, same name, despite all of us being born years apart - Humanoid figures standing in basement by play room - Lights flicking on and off - Glass shattering in empty rooms - Humanoid figures seen at night staring out windows - Voices calling for violence View Listing »
1 report
The Legend of Cult House: In the thick woods off of Cosart road exists a very large home. There are two prevailing theories as to what the house is all about. The most popular theory is that the house is used by a satanic cult to perform rituals and to serve as a dark church. The second theory is that the house is used to hide strange experiments or to hold interfamily marriage ceremonies. Its existence is a mystery to date, though many have tried to seek out the property only to encounter stran… View Listing »
1 report
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Things that happened in home were: heat/ac being turned on full blast (Heat in summer AC in winter), TV's turned on/off when no one around, 3 knocks on the back door at several times of the day, hot water suddenly becoming ice cold while showering well before the tank was empty of hot water (Less than a minute of running), things tossed into air, doppleganger children (you'd see one of my daughters in a room that they were nowhere near), possible short possession of my children's father, childre… View Listing »
1 report
Owners claim property is haunted: Owners, Guy and Kathie Clauson, claim their house is haunted. They have reported numerous eerie occurrences, including, doors slamming, lights flickering, faucets running, dark figures, etc. They have reported that most occurrences have occured in a room on the 2nd floor, which was the home of a previous resident - a 90 year old woman - who lived there until her death. View Listing »
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