What Happened at 229 Brentwood Drive?

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  • 2015-2020

    Full disclosure, I am not sure if this house is haunted or just myself, as I have had paranormal experiences at multiple locations. I was in high school when I moved in here with my parents and I moved out in 2020 as an adult. My bedroom was part of the original house built in the 1920s, the only other rooms in the original house were the laundry room, which I assumed was the kitchen and a small hallway area that may have served as a bedroom for the original house. The house was then added onto in the 60s and 80s. I think there may have been multiple spirits living in the house and here's why. The first paranormal event that was noticed by multiple members of my family, is seeing a blonde man walk about the property. 1 week after we moved I saw him casually walk past my bedroom window. I ran to look out the window and I just caught a glimpse of a man going into the backyard. but when I went to the back, there was no one. A few months later my siblings and I were playing in my sisters room then she just froze and staring into the hallway. My brother and I (the oldest and in charge at the time) walked out of the room and saw nothing. my sister claimed she saw my dad in the laundry room. (he is also blonde) but my dad was still at work and would not be home for hours. We did not see the blonde man until my uncle started staying with us. He was watching us while our parents were out of town, and one day in the middle of lunch, my uncle abruptly stood up and went to the drive way, where we watched him check both of the yards. We asked him what he was doing, and he said " I swear I just saw your dad walking through the yard" I am certain there is a tall blond man spirit that just walks around. The second/third ghost I have only seen a couple of times, I saw a face at my bedroom door once. But other than that, they mainly just steal my favorite things. They only ever give them back when I would give up looking. This occurrence happened the Entire time I lived there, and it only seemed to happen to me. This was constant, the only reason my boyfriend believes me is because I had lost my favorite necklace, I wore it all the time and one day it was missing, I searched for weeks and I mean like 5 weeks. I finally stated "I give up" only to look out my window and see it laid out in the grass outside of my window. grass that had been mowed multiple times since i'd lost it. This ghost never wanted to hurt me or anything I think they just like to mess with me as they always take my favorite stuff, sometimes my favorite clothing items will go missing, and I would find them shoved under my mattress or in the corner of my room weeks later. The last type of spirit i have felt at every house ive lived in, and it can impersonate people? Please let me know if this is an experience anyone has shared... This particular spirit has given me, my brother, and my boyfriend sleep paralysis. When my brother was 12, he woke up to what looked like myself dressed in all black, standing next to his bed. He asked me the next morning what I was doing in his room, and I had no idea what he was talking about and wrote it off as a bad dream. However one day I was staying at my boyfriends house, and he had gone outside to take out the trash. I went to the bathroom quickly to check my makeup, ect. and when I stepped out, what looked like my boyfriend was standing at the end of the living room, completely pale and dressed in all black. We made eye contact and he quickly started walking toward me, I shut the bathroom door and closed my eyes for a few seconds. I heard the back door open and I called out for my boyfriend who met me in the hallway, he was in a bright blue shirt, we both heard the back door slam shut like someone was running out of the house. The last time I saw this spirit, was two day after I gave birth to my son. I was experiencing heavy sleep depravation for sure, but I finally went to sleep and a 7 foot black figure was bending over the baby's bassinet. I put myself between the two of them and demanded that the being leave us. I swear I felt it try and crush me or something there was an immense pressure around us, I once again demanded that it leave us alone and I woke up many hours later, and haven't had any paranormal activity since I moved out.


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