What Happened at 3106 Telford Lane?

DeltonaFloridaUnited States

  • August 6th, 2004

    The site of the Deltona Massacre, A.K.A the 'Xbox Murders'. Jonathan Gleason was on the recliner when the men stormed the house, and was fatally stabbed in the neck by Hunter. Victorino beat Anthony Vega to death with an aluminum bat. Tito was murdered by Hunter, who fatally beat him in the head with a bat and stabbed him multiple times in the chest and stomach. After Belanger was beaten to death, Troy Victorino sexually abused her body. Francisco "Flaco" Ayo-Roman was bludgeoned and stabbed in the throat by Victorino in the master bedroom near his girlfriend, Michelle Ann Nathan, who hid in a closet until discovered by Hunter who bludgeoned and stabbed her to death. Belanger's pet dachshund, George, was intentionally stomped to death during the attack. Victorino and Hunter were among a group squatting on Belanger's grandparents' property while they were away. The group was using the property as a party house. Belanger, who had moved to Florida to look after her grandparents' home, had deputies evict the squatters and boxed up belongings left behind. Victorino reasoned that Belanger and her housemates had "robbed" him of his Xbox and other belongings. Victorino told witnesses that, in the days before the killings, Belanger disrespected him by calling police when he tried to get his belongings. "He claims he is a Latin King, he is this big gang leader and they basically disrespected him and he had to deal with that because they couldn't treat a King like that," said the witness.


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