What Happened at 334 Cumberland Avenue?


  • June 16th, 1962

    Wife and Two Children Murdered: The bodies of Doris Pentilchuk, 32; son Wayne, 11; and daughter Linda, 5; were found in their beds. All three were bludgeoned to death. The body of husband and father, John P. Pentilchuk, who was wanted in connection with the murders, was found floating in Lake Ontario near Bronte. His wrists had been slashed.


    • Djslk

      posted 2 years ago

      Hi. I'm posting this for LindaM in the hope that she sees it. John was my uncle, too, and through the years I've come to learn many details about the case. You should know that, for what little consolation it provides, Doris and Linda met a slightly less violent end than described. And yes John adored his family; especially the kids. The idea that John somehow "snapped" and did all this held no weight whatsoever with anyone who knew him. My father, who was John's brother and business partner at the time, never believed it; not for one second. He is also quite sure John had no financial troubles and there is evidence to support this. So the mystery remains. What really happened? Truth is I don't think about it too much. Heck, I wasn't even born yet. But I would like to think that this man I've never met yet feel a strange connection with could not have done such things. Reach out if you are so inclined:

    • MonicaSL

      posted 3 years ago

      Would you contact me?

    • LindaM

      posted 3 years ago

      Hello sualk54. I was quite surprised to come across this listing and am wondering how you happened to post it. John Pentilchuk was my uncle and this was a shocking family tragedy/secret. I was 13 years old when I first found out I even had an Uncle John. I found out when another uncle was visiting Manitoba (from Hamilton) and he told my brother. I guess it was just a secret in Manitoba. What further unsettled me was the little girl was apparently named Linda Marie (which is my name). I was told she was a year older than me so I thought I must have been named after her, but if the date on your posting is right, she would have been a year younger, which means she was presumably named after me. Eerie. I was also told that my uncle really loved his family and had gotten himself into some kind of financial bind. I tried Googling this many years ago and (unsurprisingly) there were no hits. It's an old story. For some reason I was thinking about it today (I'm 63 now) and decided to look again. Was so surprised this came up. Another weird thing is that my cousin Linda Marie was murdered at age 5 and when I was 5 I was accidentally buried alive in a freshly dug sewer trench (what kind of karma is that?!) . I was buried for over 20 minutes and never should have survived. So not only did we share the same first and middle name, but she died at the same age that I had an NDE (near death experience). Strange, no?

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