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What Happened at 3412 East Kerckhoff Avenue?

FresnoCaliforniaUnited States

  • 2014

    Suspicious death of previous homeowner possibly by relative over inheritance issues. The home is now experiencing more activity with current home owners.


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    • rowsdower

      posted 2 months ago

      Hi, do you have a source, so that we can verify? Where is this info regarding a murder coming from?

  • 1945-2014

    The family who owned home since 1940s suffered non stop paranormal experiences prior to a family member’s suspicious death in 2014. Before that event the family had reported seeing a huge black shadow like figure, feeling intense anxiety or anger in specific rooms in the home, and suffered from terrible nightmares. Other reports include feeling being watched and hearing voices that are not there. Some of the family members suffered depression, mental health issues, or substance abuse problems while living or staying in the home. A mother and granddaughter who are related to the original home owners believe it to be demonic and responsible for destroying their family. They continue to suffer from nightmares of the demonic like entity even though they no longer live at the home.


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