What Happened at 4 Kirk Street?


  • 1995

    Summer of 1996 I rented out a room in the upper apartment at 4 Kirk St. in Peterborough. This house is a beautiful old Victorian red brick home that stands on the corner of Kirk and Rubidge St. and has multiple rental units. I was subletting a room from student friends who left for home during the summer months but wanted to keep the apartment for the following year. My friend told me it was "haunted" but I didn't take her seriously. First month it was quiet. Then after an incident in which a bat came in through an open window one night we decided to keep all the windows shut from that time on since most windows had no screens. I can't speak for now but then the windows had no screens because they were old, and had to be pushed up with a gap to let air flow in. Not long after the bat incident, a swarm of flies appeared covering the bottom of every window in the kitchen. I didn't notice them until they were there. They covered all of the windows in the kitchen. This was odd because we couldn't figure out How they got in and in such large numbers since we have been keeping windows shut. They were on the inside of the windows. About a week after I awoke alone in the house as my housemate was at work. While taking a shower I heard a loud boom in the bathroom that sounded like all the shelving came crashing down. But when I pulled back the curtain nothing had moved even though the noise was right there in the bathroom. I moved to the kitchen to quickly eat breakfast when a radio came on full blast in the attic spontaneously from my housemates room (she was at work). I walked to the door of the bottom of the attic stairs to go turn it off but the minute I lifted my foot to make a step on the bottom stair the radio switched off. There was a heavy wood door at the entrance of the attic that was pushed open and left against the hallway wall. There was carpet underneath and it was snug. No one ever used that door. It was always left pushed against the wall. I left for my summer class, and came home early to find that the attic door had been slammed tightly shut! It stood out because it was never closed and no one had been there but me. I called my housemate at work and told her I was leaving. I refused to go back, because it seemed whatever was happening was escalating so I packed my stuff and moved in with friends for the remainder of the summer. When I told my friend who moved back in the following school year she said she told me that it was haunted and her experiences where her cd's would fly off of her dresser top across her bedroom, she would pile them back up and they would fly off again etc..they would hear a disembodied voice sternly shout out the name of the roommate that slept in the attic while they were all watching T.V. in the living room and there had been orbs sighted. My fiance also saw an orb one night in the hallway when the lights were off. We were in my room and he was facing the doorway which had a glass window above it. He said he saw a white ball zip past then linger at the doorway and zip past again.


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