What Happened at 5021 Troy Street?

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  • January 23rd, 2020

    According to the affidavit, Kelley-Mills suffered “what appeared to be sharp force injuries to her neck.” Her mother, Vicky Lewis, told CBS4 she found her daughter’s body in a trash can in front of their house. Investigators stated that the victim’s body was inside a duffle bag, inside a trash bag, in the trash can — along with garbage from Darsean Kelley’s room. Detectives said a doorbell camera video showed a man who appeared to be Darsean Kelley, just outside the front door, dragging a black bag that appeared to be very heavy, and putting it into the trash can. Police say the video later showed the same man standing inside the door of the home. “He killed my daughter today while I was at work and she was on her way to school,” Lewis said. Lewis told CBS4 her son has schizophrenia. Lewis said she tried everything she could to manage his mental condition, but as a single mother, it proved impossible. “I just am in this vicious cycle of mental health issues. I can’t get help for my oldest son,” she cried on Thursday. This was not Darsean Kelley’s first encounter with police. In 2017, he was confronted by Aurora officers and tased. He was suspected in a crime, but there were no charges and he won $110,000 from Aurora in a settlement. Lewis said finding help was difficult. Mental Health Colorado’s CEO Vincent Atchity says people in such situations often face a wait for services when they have an adult at home and few ways to pay for help. “That is not a good scenario when it comes to someone’s mental health needs that can deteriorate quickly and lead to all sorts of unfortunate outcomes for individuals,” Atchity said. He said people in such situations should call the Colorado crisis services hotline 844-493-8255 or text talk 38255. Kelley was ordered held without bond for investigation of homicide. Marnee Kelley-Mills was a student at Montbello Career and Technical High School. The school sent out a letter to families on Thursday announcing that Kelley-Mills had died and that special resources for children who are struggling with the news are being made available.


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