What Happened at 511 West Simpson Street?

MechanicsburgPennsylvaniaUnited States

  • 2002-2003

    Why would someone ever want to move out of this place? Ever have a horrifying paranormal experience on a daily basis? Welp this house has it: too much paranormal shit for one house. If you live here you will meet the unfriendly spirit of a child who I only know as "E D". Yeah that kid you saw walking around in the backyard with a bowl cut? His clothes were a bit dated weren't they? You can find (what I assume is) his shattered head stone cast in the backyard and the yard of 509. I'm only listing this silly ghost tale in-case you live here, and you end up googling if the house is haunted. Yes... yes it is. List of experiences: A child speaking "Why is the angel crying?" in my ear. "Ed" then vanished as I opened my eyes to see if it was sibling. Ed has been seen by multiple people, described the same way without them having prior knowledge of the experience. My grandmother saw a child with his nose in the corner in the basement, sobbing, who then disappeared. Neighbors in 509 recorded growling and crying on a tape recorder at the height of the "haunting" Fucking aliens... of all things. Tricky ghost makes you see aliens.


  • Last updated a year ago

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