What Happened at 555 Columbine Street?

Cape GirardeauMissouriUnited States

  • 2019-2021

    We bought this house in November and were super excited to move in with it being the first house we've ever purchased together. It's a nice house, just needed some remodeling here and there. We finally got to move in December 3rd 2019. Fir the first 9 to 10 months everything was awesome and it seemed like a normal house aside from the random cracks and creeks here and there like any other house. Or so we thought. Around August 2020 there had be some cars broken into along with houses being robbed in the area. So I decided to get a security camera. I wanted to get one that wasn't too expensive and that I could remotely control when im away from hom from my phone. I got one that i could point in multiple places that has a 360⁰ radius turn. In August of 2020 my camera captured the broom falling from its place against the wall. I brushed it off as wind. Soon after I would catch my dogs staring into an empty corner or room growling at nothing (which I've caught on video). Then things just got more weird and obvious. From the Chandelier swaying above the dining room table to things being thrown or moved on their own. Recently it has been happening right infront of us. We've caught voices on the security camera at a time where no T.v.'s were on. Even when we aren't at home. The moment I knew that I wasn't just losing my mind was one night my wife was upstairs in bed. I heard her yell for me (not in a scared or emergency type of way) so i walked upstairs and down the hall. When I opened the door she said "babe, can you take the dogs downstairs with you because they're walking around the bed and it keeps waking me up?" .. I froze for a second and told her that the dogs have been downstairs with me all night. My wifes eyes were huge. Her mouth dropped and it gives me chills just thinking about it. She ended up grabbing a pillow and blanket and came downstairs with me until i went to bed. We have two other stories that's happened while we both were at home. Everything else is caught on video. I'd be interested to speak with the previous owners to see if they have had any experiences here. Because this house was actually pretty cheap when we bought it. Or maybe it never happened with them. The video proof I have you can find them on YouTube and Tiktok under username Sk8boredChris.


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