What Happened at 614 East Marigny Circle?

DusonLouisianaUnited States

  • March 11th, 2006

    Seized by DEA: This property was listed in the DEA National Clandestine Laboratory Registry. Law enforcement agencies reported they found chemicals or other items that indicated the presence of either clandestine drug laboratories or dumpsites.


  • 1996-2003

    I lived in this apartment complex in college and a short time after I graduated. The rent on a 975 square foot two bedroom apartment was only $350. With utilities paid. (To put that in perspective my current two bedroom apartment in Houston is $1100 a month) before Hurricane Katrina the only people that would live in the state for hood were broke college kids, drug dealers, and other various criminal types. I never lock my door because people don’t rob in the hood people from the hood go to nice neighborhoods where things are actually worth some sort of value. However after Hurricane Katrina a whole new criminal element moved in to the neighborhood. It was no longer want to be rappers selling weed on the front porch and crackheads asking you to bum a dollar or a cigarette from you every time you went down the sidewalk. Now it was serious murderers, rapists, and hard-core drug users and dealers. When everyone evacuated New Orleans this was one of the first places that filled up because it was so cheap to live here. I moved out very shortly after Katrina hit because it just was not safe anymore live here. The fact that they only showed one math lab on this map is hilarious to me because they have weekly rates on this apartment complex still to this day. H8 apartment building two floors, is owned by different individuals. So there’s really no general management to contact when there’s a problem because the apartment across the street from you is not owned by the same person that you pay your rent to. This makes it confusing for people in the neighborhood as well as the police when it comes to who is responsible for maintaining some sort of standard in the neighborhood. The two sections are made up of Jackson Square and Pontabla Place. But you won’t find either of them in the phonebook or online because like I said they’re made up of several small buildings that are all owned by different people. Making this a criminal haven for anyone wanting to lay low and an investment nightmare for anyone who bought into it before Katrina.


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