What Happened at 6520 North Charles Street?

BaltimoreMarylandUnited States

  • 1956

    Back Story: Site of grisly 1956 murder is demolished The house was the scene of one of the most brutal murders ever to have taken place in Baltimore County. A 21-year-old West Baltimore drifter and ex-convict on parole from the Maryland State Reformatory for Males entered this house, on a bend of what was then called Charles Street Avenue, about 3:30 p.m. She had just returned from a shopping trip to Towson and was sitting in the second-floor den, eating a late-afternoon snack of a bowl of ice cream and two coconut cupcakes, when she heard the screen door being forced open on the first level. What followed was a murderous frenzy, as Kier attacked his victim repeatedly in a fight that raged throughout the den and living room. A table was smeared with her blood. Bopst was beaten about the face with a 12-inch brass figurine and was stabbed repeatedly with two 10-inch butcher knives and a Japanese saber still in its scabbard, which punctured her throat. Arriving home about 5:20 p.m., John H. Thinking she had fainted, he kicked in the back door. Arriving county police called it the "most brutal assault they had ever seen," reported The Sun. Police found a blue suit coat with a sex novel and a beer bottle cap in the pocket along with two empty beer bottles on the ground. The next morning, Kier was arrested in his home and charged with the murder of Bopst. 19, 1956, Kier was later retried in Frederick County Circuit Court after a court found that an involuntary confession had erroneously been admitted as evidence during the trial. McKeldin reviewed the case, Kier received several reprieves, but newly inaugurated Gov. The next day, a little before 10 p.m., Kier, wearing only clean white shorts, entered the gas chamber at the Maryland State Penitentiary, where four guards strapped him to a perforated metal chair. A minute or two after 10 p.m., the signal was given by Warden Vernon L. "He was ready to die. As far as the house, it has had numerous owners over the years.


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