What Happened at 6617 Grelot Road?

MobileAlabamaUnited States

  • 2010

    I moved here with my mom and 2 siblings...a 3br 1.5 bath townhouse #B4! I was so excited about moving here! We moved in & got settled and At first i wasn’t really spending a lot of time there Until i switched schools . When i got out of school i would be downstairs and i would hear the floors creeking upstairs as if someone was walking but i was the only one home at the time but i just brushed it off. Sometimes if my mom had friends over they would stay the night to avoid drinking and driving....Most of them would say “something was in the apartment” and they would never spend nights at our house again! One morning i got up to get ready for school...i went to the bathroom first I was standing in the mirror and i heard breathing right behind me so i went back to my room and my room door was locked so at that moment i knew something was wrong! After that things was happening left and right...I would hear voices that sounded like a robot, I would hear somebody walking up and down the stairs at night, my room door would always lock on its own! One morning i was getting up and i opened my door As I’m standing there it shut on its own right in front of my eyes! I was really over everything that was happening! One day we ordered pizza before going to my uncles house...The pizza man gets there and asks “Do y’all actually live in this apartment?” And we’re like yeah then he tells us a woman stayed in that exact apartment with her son he was about 3 and she was married But she had a boyfriend and the boyfriend came over one day and killed them out of jealousy!!! I’m standing there in relief that i wasn’t crazy and just imagining things happening and sad & scared at the same time! I couldn’t even eat i was so scared. A couple nights later my mom dreamed about the lady and son she saw them going up and down the stairs with a basket as if they were doing laundry And In the dream my mom tells her that they had passed and they have to move on bc that’s not their home anymore. After that we still ended up moving because we were still scared...But it was obvious something happened there bc when we first moved there the residents would always stare as if they couldn’t believe we lived first it seemed Like all of the kids in the apartment avoided us to prevent from telling us what happened. It was weird in the upstairs bathroom the paint was in a crazy design as if they were trying to hide something on the was so ugly! I always wondered about that because i had a friend that stayed there and the paint on the walls in their bathroom were regular. That apartment always made me feel uneasy...And by the events that happened in the apartment we should have been notified..we had dealt with paranormal activity in our previous home...i actually thought i was gonna be at peace there! But every since then I’ve been at peace we moved by South on William & Mary and was finally at peace !


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    • Beanboy34

      posted 2 years ago

      That is terrifying. I don't think I could stay there either.

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