What Happened at 70 West Caracas Avenue?

HersheyPennsylvaniaUnited States

  • 2006

    I wasn't much of a believer in spirits being stuck until the year I spent here. The house was very heavy, sad, and angry. There was a very unwelcoming anger and sorrow in one corner of the kitchen. It felt like someone was beat to death or near-death there. In the upstairs hallway, many times someone rushed past me from the bedroom to the stairs in a panic. The day I moved out I was in the basement alone and I kept being called out to in a whisper. It felt like the spirit hadn't been acknowledged before and didn't want me to leave. I'd never had experiences so regularly in a place. I wish I could have helped this sorrowed spirit to move on, but she wasn't ready nor would I have known what to really do.


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    • Hunni1973

      posted 7 months ago

      I don't see anything in either window..

    • hiddenbehindleaves

      posted 8 months ago

      Ghostwisperer88 isn't joking, I just checked out the house on google maps and if you look at the first window to the upper-right of the right-side door, there's a humanoid figure there with long black hair. I tried to debunk it as a badly compressed reflection captured by the street-view camera, but the reflection of the tree in the foreground does not line up with this. Spooked.

    • Ghostwisperer88

      posted 5 years ago

      If you look at the house on google maps in the first floor first window to the right of the door, you will see her. Shes in a white dress full body and black hair. You cant see her face though.

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