What Happened at 915 Maple Street West?

SissetonSouth DakotaUnited States

  • 2010-2012

    At the time this was abandoned building due to the building being old and filled with asbestos. The building was getting broke into and vandalized all the time, so I thought I might as well go inside and see what it looked it for myself. I walked to the old middle school around 1 a.m. making sure no police saw me cause I was 16 at the time and the curfew was 10 p.m. plus I didn't need them following me around cause I was going to explore a building I had no business being in. I entered through the backdoor on the southside of the building cause the window was busted out and it was easy enough to reach my head in and open the door. I walked the halls for what felt like hours exploring all the old classrooms and feeling an unease as if someone was watching me the whole time, but each time I thought someone else was there I'd stop and listen... not a sound... it was so quite... so convinced I was the only one there I make my way to the gymnasium. Full sized wooden basketball court with bleachers that could hold hundreds of people also a stage for plays and concerts. So I start making my way to the top of the bleacher to just sit and remember all the times I was in there for my Christmas concerts and P.E. class when it was still a middle school. So I sat there... in the dark... thinking... but a noise broke the silence abruptly, there where footsteps in the hall. I ducked down behind seats to make sure whoever it was didn't see me. I assumed it was a police officer checking the building, so I waited to see if it was... the footsteps move up the hallway toward the gymnasium doors... I peak to see if its a cop... it was so dark in there if it was a cop or someone who checked on the building they'd have a flashlight out... no flashlight... at this moment I'm thinking its someone else exploring the building, so I remained hidden. The footsteps walk into the gym... and stop. It felt like a life time waiting there for whoever it was to not move... I start to get worried cause they weren't doing anything. If it was someone checking out the building they'd keep moving not stand in the gym in the same spot for an half hour... so I wait and wait... then like a dagger in the night... I hear a step... then another... and then another... I begin to quietly panic cause they're moving toward me. Step, step, step... and then stop... the footsteps stop at the bottom of the bleachers... not a word was said... no sound could be heard. Then out of no where I hear loud fast stomping come running up the stair coming right for me! I feel my soul leave my body out of pure terror! I get up and dead sprint to the other side of the bleachers and go down the far north side of the bleachers! All the awhile I can heard the stomping still making its way toward me. My legs have never moved so fast down a flight of stairs, I cleared 60 steps in less than 5 seconds. I bust through the gym doors and bolt down the halls to the backdoor and make it outside and run across the street to catch my breath... all the awhile watching the door to see what was chasing me. I wait there for 30 minutes and nothing ever comes out... I don't know what was chasing me... if it was a cop or a guard they'd chase me down even outside the building... and another person wouldn't been able to see me in the dark and just move directly toward me in that enormous gymnasium like that. Whatever it was, it wasn't human. To this day I refuse to enter that building. It's no longer abandoned and the new owners are fixing it up, but I'm not stepping foot in there ever again.


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